Grandma and Her Passenger Seat Window Friend


I would have wondered to myself on a long drive

as I peer through the window.

Raindrops canvas all six panels of glass,

traveling through icy wind and other haphazard weather.

"Do you want to come with me to the clothing store?"

or maybe

"Come with me to get the turkey!"

My grandma's there at the wheel then, driving through those big city streets.

Her voice seems to be reflecting off the droplets of rain and

into the backseat window that I was staring out of.

"No, I would rather go home"

Either way, with my grandma I would have seen

the world through all kinds of metro cafeterias and high-rise windows...

Not once did I look into the future and ask of those things

or about those days and evenings that had

an illuminating, enlightening, softly glowing, mystique that could be embraced --

and not grown out of rapidly

as if to escape being unfree, in spiritual prisons.

Sure, one would know a true prism,

if those days of my wanting were to

change and dissolve into elemental forces and turbulent

winds of fate, the woes of time and chance.

Yes, time and chance do seem to happen to us all my friend

Everything else included also comes

and that by The Spirit -

(gif) Windy Rain from the Windows (Tumblr)

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