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Celebrate Beauty and Love

Celebrate Beauty and Love within our World
There have been a lot of bad things happening in the world lately. Whether you turn on the news or look at your news app updates, maybe there are one too many sad stories. Instead of being afraid or giving in to sadness, let us all make an effort and do whatever we can to make this world a better place for everyone. 
Prayer and creating poems go hand in hand sometimes. There is nothing better than for one to read and say something great. Just maybe, if enough of us sing, speak, or read this we can put a bit more love out there for women and young women. In a short time, the world may become a better place for all people!

I love you Sister
"Sister, I pray G-d above reach down to you, Blessing you with grace His love always true. I pray that within your life's very own destiny, Blessings from the Angels is deemed to be.
I pray G-d give's you angelic loving care, So that you sense His love always ever there. I pray you be blessed with His lov…

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